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    LandingPageBurger.com will only accept the request for “General Use Landing Pages”, which means, this new landing page template can be used for more than one entity.

    A good example of a new landing page template request would be: A landing page for a flower shop to take online orders.

    A bad example of a new landing page template request would be: A landing page for Mrs. Burns flower shop down the street that sells a special kind of lavender which can only be found locally.

    Terms and conditions: LandingPageBurger.com has the right to tailor the original request in order to fit a broader audience, approved requests will be added to our backlog but do not have a specific completion date. You can choose to be notified when the new template is ready by signing up for our newsletter.

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    I have a good set of winter tires, but it drops the fun factor of my car about 25 so I will try to put off the change to as late as possible. When do you plan to do the changeover?

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    Late November, or whenever the temperature is consistently cold. I have my snow tires on separate rims so I can mount the tires the day of a snowstorm due to laziness, this will be the most likely situation.

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    That is a good idea, but no they are not doing that.
    Not all affiliates would want to change their homepage.

    You could copy the HTML of that page yourself and add it to your Custom Home page.

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