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Who Is It For:

Real Estate Brokers trying to obtain more sellers.

Senior home owners are more often to find themselves in big homes with more rooms than they actually need. Their children are old enough to have moved out, some even live in different states.  Maintaining a big house requires lots of time and energy, not to mention the cost involved. So it makes sense for the senior home owners to sell their big house and move into a smaller more manageable one. There are many benefits in doing so, to name a few: Have extra time for travel, more money for retirement, less property tax, less energy spent on cleaning, and maintaining the house.

Plus, after so many years since owning the house, the property value probably have doubled or even tripled, surprise them with how much their house is worth now!

Some features with this landing page are:
• Made especially for real estate brokers and listing agents
• Receive leads to your email inbox
• Well written, convincing content
• Built with Twitter Bootstrap
• 1170px wide design
• Responsive, so page layout is optimized for every size monitor and screen sizes
• jQuery slider for 3 different testimonials with photos
• jQuery for scroll up button
• Included Privacy Policy popup box
• Included Terms & Conditions popup box
• Well written copy that you can edit on top of
• Google Analytics code added to page